Feel Like You Are At The Table With Live Dealer Blackjack!

Online blackjack games have traditionally used a computer program, called a random number generator, to hand out computer generated cards to players. Today, many online gambling sites are now using live dealer blackjack systems where real people are displaying an actual deck. Being able to see a person who is handing out cards has its advantages.

Actual Time

Live dealer blackjack consists of having a person disperse cards to web players in actual time. Bets are placed online and the game continues as it would in a casino. Participants can watch the shuffle and see the dealer reaching into the shoe to retrieve cards. This allows people to feel as if they are experiencing real gambling action. There are no random number generators and the faces being used are shuffled and organized in decks, just as in a casino. Bets are placed electronically as there is no way to use gambling chips; aside from this, the rules are the same as in person.

Clear Benefits

When using a random number generated game, the decks are reshuffled at the end of every round and predicting what may come up next is impossible as the shoe is in a truly random order. When using a live dealer, what is in the shoe works the same as in a casino; participants know the cards that have already been laid and can count outstanding faces that have yet to be pulled. Players can watch the shuffle and cut, and can gauge what is remaining in the stack. The ability to count is advantageous to players, allowing them to take advantage of the odds and minimize risk. For those looking to improve their card counting abilities, these games can be a less risky way to practice the skill.

Genuine Experience

Online games using live people gives users a sense of authentic play, letting them feel as if they are truly experiencing a casino in person. Most sites allow consumers to talk over the computer, adding to the sensation that they are really interacting with others at a gambling table. Though traditional online blackjack has its place, live dealer blackjack heightens the online experience, giving better odds and much better practice.

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