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Blackjack was created in the 17th century in France, where it was called "Vingt Et Un," which is French for 21. Soon after Vingt Et Un became popular, the British started playing it, but renamed it Pontoon. It is available in casinos across the world, including Australian, Malaysian, British and Singaporean casinos and is now even available as Pontoon Blackjack online in many establishments.

The Basics

The rules of blackjack are the same for Pontoon; however, in the latter, a hand of five cards that doesn't exceed 21 is the second highest hand. Of course, the highest hand is a natural 21 (an Ace and something else valued at 10). Another rule variation is that the dealer has nothing in the hole so the competitors will not know whether the dealer has a natural until the end of the round after the house draws again. This means that a person can draw to 21 to win against the house's 21, making it incredibly advantageous for the participant instead of the dealer. However, there is no one official set of rules, so participants should pay attention to each casino's version to make sure he or she understands the rules of the game at that specific casino.

The Odds

The Pontoon blackjack odds are different from traditional blackjack, especially when the game involves Spanish decks, which consist of 48 cards without the four 10s. Discarding the 10s gives an edge to the house, which goes from 0.28% up to 0.64%, which is a lower edge than Spanish 21. If a participant wants to increase his or her odds, he or she may find strategy cards and charts online or at casino gift shops. The number of decks can alter the odds greatly, and these games could be played with four, six or eight decks. The game works to the player's advantage when it is played with four Spanish decks.

The game, which has many variations such as Jupiter's 21, involves strategy and luck. However, participants should be aware of the rules of the specific version they are playing the next time they enjoy a Pontoon card game online.

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