Blackjack Strategy

Basic blackjack strategy is simple enough if you have time for a little memorization. The basics consist of simply memorizing a chart that is available online for free or in most card strategy books. This chart simply provides the best options for a move, depending on what cards you have in your hand and the card that is showing in the dealer's hand.

Strategy on a Computer

The basis of all blackjack strategy can be traced back to some programmers playing with a computer back in the 1980s. They realized that once you have all the standard variables for a game, you can easily input those variables into a computer. Because a computer can think much faster than a standard blackjack player, it was able to assess all the possible actions a player should take.

Know when to Double Down

This aspect can be somewhat limited due to rules concerning when a player is able to double down, but for the most part is going to be the most profitable bit of information you can glean from any article or book about strategy in blackjack. If you don't maximize your wins in double down scenarios, you will find yourself winning your hands, but not winning as much money as you could. Simply double down whenever the tips suggest it, depending on the rules of the table, and you can maximize your winnings.

Pay Attention to Your Bankroll

This can be the most important piece of advice that anyone can be taught, and if you take nothing else away from this article, take this. Pay attention to your bankroll and don't make it larger than you can afford to lose because you will lose sometimes, no matter how well you study the charts or how much time you spend practicing. A good idea is to take out the amount of money you're willing to lose at the casino in cash, and leave your debit and credit cards at home so you're not tempted to tap into them if your bankroll runs dry.

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