Learn the Switch Blackjack Rules and Play Online

Switch Blackjack is a fresh and entertaining variation of the beloved card game created by Geoff Hall. In this variation players are able to do what would be considered cheating otherwise--exchange the cards between two hands. The game is a hoot to play online although many experts do not consider it to be a valid version and do not take it seriously.

Differences from the Normal Version

In normal 21, the player is going up against the dealer in a frenzy to reach a total of 21 or refrain from exceeding a card points total over 21. The Switch Blackjack rules are somewhat different. It's carried out with 4, 6, or 8 decks. The players are still battling against the dealer but they must make two bets that match in value on both positions. Also, in this version of the game, a natural blackjack is paid out 1:1 and not 3:2 like the traditional rules. Furthermore, a hard 22 from the dealer will push all opponents' hands minus the natural blackjack.

Rules of the Game

If the dealer has a natural 21 upon dealing, of course, all of their opponents will lose. If not, the real magic of the game ensues. After those two hands are dealt, the competitors are allowed to exchange the top two cards among their hands if they wish. For example, if dealt, 10-7 and 8-10, the player can switch out the cards to have two hands that show 10-10 and 8-7. After this switch takes place, the match continues following the natural rules.

Ways to Increase Your Odds of Winning

Since Switch Blackjack rules naturally call for change in payouts, the results of the match affect your potential earnings. One rule to go by to increase your odds of winning is to always maintain the best single hand that you can. There are also charts and strategy cards accessible on the internet that can help you to improve your Switch skills. It is also smart to checkout online rooms and forums where you may find a serious expert who engages in this form of 21. Take a leaf out of his book until you have developed your own successful playing style.

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